31 juli 2006

The Undead

The undead fascinate me. I have recently journeyed to Tarren Mill to help the undead together with my friend Chocolate the druid. He has been there for some time, and has come to like the undead and their ways. I think I need to get used to them first.

When I first arrived at Tarren Mill, Chocolate gave me some ground rules. Apparently, the undead are very self-conscious about the whole undead thing, and it is very important not to rub their noses in certain things that separate us, the living, from them. I'll give you a couple of the pointers that Chocolate gave me, just to illustrate.
1. The undead are, because they are undead, and not living, not able to eat normal food.
They are constantly hungry, and not able to eat the same delicious food as you and I. To them, the closest they get is eating the flesh of newly killed enemies. Therefore, do not be obvious about eating or being hungry. It annoys them, and when they get annoyed, the smell even worse than usual.
2. They smell. We know it, they know it. It's not something they are necessarily proud of, even though some of them seem to go to a lot of trouble not to disguise their smell. As a Tauren I have a keen sense of smell (yes, it has to do with my big nose), and the smell of an undead person is not exactly pleasant. Try to be outdoors when you have to be around them, that generally helps. A bunch of flowers somewhere in your pack can help as well, just stick your nose in it when the smell becomes too much for you. Just don't tell them they smell. They'll most likely tell you that your smell (be it Trollish Voodoo charms, the orc's love of being dirty, or the wet-Tauren smell) isn't all that great either.

I was going to get my older sister, Cinnamonhoof, to send me some pointes about the undead as well, since she has spent quite a lot of time with them, but she was busy picking flowers in Felwood. I'll just have to post her contribution later. I'd best go see what to do next in Tarren Mill, maybe it's time to run mindlessly into Southshore and most likely get killed saving a guy called Helcular. That's how Chocolate described it, anyway.
Happy hunting!

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