6 augusti 2006


I had a run-in with an elf earlier today. I was helping an old Troll collect some raptor hearts for a charm he was making, when all of a sudden an elf came up from behind me and started killing my raptors. It ( I can't really distinguish between the sexes of the elves, they all look alike to me) had a pet cat that was running around trying to injure all the raptors before I got to them. As I am a very peaceful Tauren, I decided to go kill some ogres for an Orc veteran I met in Hammerfall.

The ogres died easily, and when I returned to the raptors, I couldn't see the elf anywhere. Satisfied that it was gone, I went back to my task. Collecting raptor hearts is a very tricky business, it's hard not to injure them while killing the raptors. After a while I had gotten half the amount I needed, and was enjoying a well-earned break with my pet turtle. I had brought some raptor egg omelet with me, and I sat on a little hill enjoying my meal. Then I saw the elf running toward me.

Now, I hate to tell you this, but it actually flashed though my mind that it would be fun to kill it. It loked about as strong as myslef, but it's hard to tell with those flimsy little creatures. They all run like 5 year old troll girls. I quickly put that thought out of my mind though, since no alliance fighters ever venture anywhere without an escort of strong, well-equipped friends. I just growled under my breath and kept on hunting for the raptors that the elf's silly cat wasn't scratching away at. It took a lot of scouting, but I managed to get all the raptor hearts I needed without flipping out and attacking the elf. It was especially difficult though, because this particular elf seemed so wasteful. It didn't get all the rescuable materials from the raptors, not even their hides! Killing beasts and not using what they have to offer us in crafting materials and food is something I am not especially fond of.

As it turns out, I am off to a new part of the world soon. I have been asked to help the trolls in Shadowprey village with some things, and I will travel to the Desolace today. I will try and write a full report of my adventures there later on.

Oh, and could someone please give me a few hints on how to tell the elves apart?

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