5 februari 2011

Double page layout!

This layout will be featured in English, as it is a submission for an English language magazine blog as well as Davinie's. It has also been submitted for the January contest at Molly's Scrapbooking.

My layout features a late Christmas celebration with my fiancées extended family (lots of grown-ups and kids somehow related to one another). We went for a sleigh ride in Woxna, which is in Hälsingland in the northern half of Sweden, had dinner with some of Santa's helpers, and sang carols around a bonfire. The day after, some of us met up again at my fiancée's grandmother's house to exchange gifts and spend some quality time together. As she turned 90 this past summer, every moment with her is precious!

The title reads Hej mitt vinterland! which, loosely translated from Swedish, means Winter Wonderland.

2 kommentarer:

theelfqueen sa...

Lovely page for Project 12! Very nice! I wish I could go on a sleigh ride!

Davinie Fiero sa...

Thank you so much for participating! I hope you continue to do so! Thank you!

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